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Archiv ITW 2021

Im Sommersemester 2021 hat die International Teaching Week virtuell stattgefunden.

Im Folgenden können Sie sich alle Einzelheiten zu den stattgefundenen Veranstaltungen ansehen. 


Alle Infos zu den Auslandsberatungsevents auch hier im Flyer zum Download.


Study Abroad Event & Peer 2 Peer:

- Study Abroad Event: 7.Juni.2021 05:30 PM CET

- Peer 2 Peer I: 8.Juni.2021 04:00 PM CET

- Peer 2 Peer II: 10.Juni.2021 04:00 PM CET

Alle Informationen vom "Panel 4: Auslandssemester - Aber wie?" stehen für Sie als Download bereit.


Research perspectives from Zimbabwe, Greece and South Africa 

12:00 - 13:00 Inter/Intra-Cultural Interpretation and Ethnographic Research with African Refugees

by Rose Jaji (Zimbabwe)

14:00 - 15:00 Refugee Trauma, Conscientization and Collective Action

by Nikos Xypolytas (Griechenland)

15:30 - 16:30 Connecting the world: Advancing academic excellence during a global pandemic

by Ndangwa Noyoo (Südafrika)


Click here to download the program.

Research perspectives from Lebanon

10:00 - 11:00 Violence against children

by Michele Kelly (Lebanese American University)

11:00 - 12:00 KAFA Child protection programming – experiences from the field

by Maria Semaan von „KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation“ (a feminist, secular, Lebanese, civil society organization)

Research Perspectives from Nigeria and Germany 

09:30-09:50 Introduction: Transnational mobility, transnational social work? Brief review of key terms and concepts

by Tanja Kleibl (Germany)

10:00-10:45 Social Work education: Würzburg to Nsukka, Nsukka to Würzburg - what are we learning from each other?

by Ralph Roßkopf (Jordan); Uzoma Okoye (Nigeria); M.A. students (Germany & Nigeria)

11:00-12:00 Social Work education: Becoming a social worker, engaging with mobility

by M.A. students from Nsukka and Würzburg

13:30-15:00 Research: Social work perspectives on mobility and migration research in Africa and in Europe

by PhD students and M.A. students from Nsukku and Würzburg

15:15-16:45 Practice: Seeking Greener Pastures: Interdisciplinary perspectives on "helping systems" in transnational mobility between West Africa and Germany

by Ngozi Chukwu (Nigeria); Viola Castellano (Italy); Rex Osa (Germany)




Research Perspectives from India

10:00-10:10 Introduction

10:10-11:00 Research Methodology – Perspectives from India

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rajeev Kumaramkandath, Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, CHRIST (Deemed to Be University), Bangalore

11.00-11.10 Virtual coffee/tee break

11.10-12.00 Exchange CHRIST PhD students – MRM M.A. students on research methodology an doing research in an international context

Moderation by Prof. Dr. Vathsala Aithal, FHWS

Those interested in participating please contact Prof. Vathsala Aithal.


Name Entsendende Hochschule Standort der Hochschule
Ngozi Chukwu University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria
Rose Jaji University of Zimbabwe, Harare Zimbabwe
Rajeev Kumarakandath Christ University, Bangalore Indien
Ronaldo Munck Dublin City University Irland
Ndangwa Noyoo University of Cape Town Südafrika
Nikos Xypolytas University of the Aegean Griechenland
Uzoma Okoye University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria
Michele Kelly Lebanese American University Libanon
Ralf Roßkopf German Jordanian University Jordanien
Viola Castellano University of Bologna Italien
Maria Semaan Referentin aus d. Praxis: KAFA (enough) Violence & Explotation
Rex Osa Referent aus d. Praxis