Your application for studying abroad

On this page, you will find information about the most important steps when applying for a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. Please also take note of the information provided by the International Office regarding the implementation and processing of a stay abroad. Please also note the further information provided by the International Office on other formalities, insurance and financing options.

1. step: Internal faculty application, registration at MoveOn

After you have decided to study at one of our partner universities, you must first apply internally to our international representative (Prof. Dr. Christoph Bördlein). To do so, please log in to the  e-Learning course room "Study abroad - faculty application". There, you fill out the application form and upload your documents (especially the declaration of acceptance, the transcript of grades and the letter of motivation).

Deadlines:  Extended application deadlines apply to the application of students from the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences. Therefore, the faculty-internal application must be received by the following dates at the latest:

  • Study abroad in the winter semester: 01.03. of the respective year. (As an exception, Master students of the first study semester may apply until 1.4. of the respective year).
  • Study abroad in the summer semester: 01.07. of the previous year

Selection Criteria: Study places at the partner universities are awarded according to the following selection criteria. These criteria are also be used for the selection for Erasmus+ funding:

1. Academic performance: Evidenced by the submission of a recent transcript of grades.

2. Personal motivation to study abroad: Evidenced by your letter of motivation.

3. Other competences as well as commitment in university and society: Evidenced by your letter of motivation and, if applicable, by further evidence (especially regarding language skills).

Then, please log in to the  MoveOn-Portal. This is precondition for the further application process.

2. step: Nomination at the partner university and application for Erasmus+

After the deadlines for the internal application have expired, you will promptly receive feedback on your application from the International Relations Representative. In case of a positive feedback, the further organizational processing will be done by the University Service. The University Service will then - after your information and documents are complete - nominate you at the partner university.

Funding through Erasmus+: You can apply for Erasmus+ funding at the same time via the University Service. The differentiation is as follows:

  • Student mobility with program countries: Erasmus+  program countries include the member states of the European Union and some other countries (e.g. Norway). Funding for studies in program countries can be provided if
    • the application within the faculty was successful (for the selection criteria and the procedure see above)
    • the requirements of the respective program are fulfilled and
    • corresponding funds are available.

  • Student mobility with partner countries (non-EU): Erasmus+ funding is also possible for studies at universities from certain  program countries. Funding for studies in partner countries can be provided if
    • the application within the faculty was successful (for the selection criteria and the procedure see above)
    • the requirements of the respective program are fulfilled and
    • corresponding funds are available.
    • An additional funding requirement for student mobility with partner countries (non-EU) is that you apply for Erasmus+ non-EU funding at the International Office. The application steps and the selection criteria for the funding decision can be found here.  

For more information on  Erasmus+ and the other funding opportunities, please visit the website of the International Office. Please also note the DAAD's information on scholarships and funding. Please note that the application for a scholarship (no matter if Erasmus+ or any other scholarship) always has to be done via the system StipSys (but you will still be informed about this by the Hochschulservice International).


3. step: Learning Agreement

Preparation of the Learning Agreement: After the acceptance of the partner university, you need to prepare the Learning Agreement. To do so, research on the homepage of your partner university and compile the courses that you would like to attend. Orientate yourself on a number of 30 credit points (CP). Then, fill out the form of the Learning agreement.

Discussion of the Learning Agreement: Discuss your prepared Learning Agreement with the chair of the examination Commitee (Prof. Dr. Anne Bick) and have her sign it. After this step, hand in the Learning Agreement to the International Office.

During and after your stay abroad

Please notice first to the information provided by the International Office and also take the following into account:

Adaptation of the Learning Agreement: Please note that you may have to adjust the Learning Agreement to the local circumstances. Make also sure to send your corrections, including the confirmation from your partner university, to the chair of the examination Committee and the International Office for approval.

Confirmation of attendance at courses: Do not forget to have a confirmation of attendance issued for all courses you attended!

After your stay abroad: For the recognition of the academic achievements gained abroad, hand in an informal application to the examination Commitee of your degree program after your stay abroad and present your "Transcript of Records". A copy of the transcript must also be submitted to the International Office.

Do you still have any questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the faculty’s international representative (Prof. Dr. Christoph Bördlein) or the staff of the International Office