The FHWS participated in the European Music Therapy Conference 2019 in Aalborg, Denmark.

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"Fields of resonance": Four FHWS staff members participated with their contributions and results

In June 2019 the European Music Therapy Conference 2019 took place at the University of Aalborg in Denmark. The rhythm of these European conferences is three years. In 2019, the University of Aalborg was the venue of a partner university of the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences.

At this conference, the representatives of the FHWS held discussions on the expansion and continuation of music therapy on campus for continuing education. They participated with five contributions, led workshops and symposia, and met to plan and deepen international teaching cooperations. An exchange took place on current and planned research projects as well as on the further international scientific qualification of students and graduates of the FHWS.

Erasmus teachings of the FHWS were offered for therapeutic songwriting at the University of Aalborg as well as contributions to the international cooperative research of music therapy for age depression, to research results in the field of music therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families, to the development of music therapeutic diagnostic instruments and to the development and testing of a new approach to songwriting.

The staff of the FHWS initiated two new Erasmus partnerships, new international courses for the campus further education could be won, teaching cooperations and the scientific qualification of students, graduates and coworkers of the FHWS in international research projects and doctoral schools were planned and deepened.